• Promoting biodiversity
  • Re-wilding
  • Forest gardens
  • Harmony with Mother Nature
  • Environmental protection
  • Partnering with indigenous communities
  • Sustainable agriculture

A longer life               vitality & happiness

  • Health promotion
  • Forest bathing
  • Medicinal botanicals & herbals
  • Nutrition and supplements based on ancient wisdom
  • Learn from Nature
  • Herbal gardens

LiveForeverYoung makes the link of biodiversity with human health and develops products built upon traditional wisdom fused with modern science.

A healthy body, in a healthy mind living in a healthy bio-diverse environment

All our passion is about you living a long-happy & healthy life in a healthy environment that is filled with the colours & sounds of a biodiverse fauna & flora. Biodiversity as the shortened form of ‘biological’ and ‘diversity’ contains bios (from Greek for Life) and diversitas (from Latin for Difference or Variety, hence the variety of life-forms and what it does for your life.
We strive for prevention and healing, for a sound health in a body full of vitality and happiness, surrounded by the beautiful sounds & colours of a diverse biology.